To Tyrants

Released on April 18, 2006


Death to Tyrants is the eighth album by American hardcore punk band Sick of It All, released on April 18, 2006. On this record, the band introduced a much heavier and stronger sound. This was the first Sick of It All album not released on Fat Wreck Chords (who released their previous three albums) since 1997’s Built to Last.


1. Take The Night Off
2. Make A Mark
3. Forked Tongue
4. Machete
5. Preamble
6. The Reason
7. Faithless
8. Uprising Nation
9. Always War
10. Fred Army
11. Thin Skin
12. Die Alone
13. Evil Schemer
14. Maria White Trash
15. Don’t Join The Crowd
16. Leader

Selected videos

…from Death To Tyrants

"Take The Night Off"
"Machete" Live @ Punk Rock Holiday