Outtakes for
The Outcasts

Released on October 19, 2004


Outtakes for the Outcast is a compilation album by New York City hardcore punk band Sick of It All. It contains unreleased original songs, B-sides, and cover versions. It was the last album released by the band on Fat Wreck Chords before their move to Abacus Recordings.

The House of Pain remix of “Just Look Around” was originally prevented from release by the record label of House of Pain. As a response Sick Of It All made bootlegs of the song and gave them away at various shows. Since the original recording tape could not be used, the version on this CD was taken from one of the bootlegs.


1. I Believe
2. Stood for Nothing
3. Borstal Breakout (Sham 69 Cover)
4. Straight Ahead
5. All Hell Breaks Loose (The Misfits Cover)
6. My Little World
7. Soul Be Free
8. Blatty
9. 86
10. Target (Husker Du Cover)
11. Rip Off (Sham 69 Cover)
12. Working Class Kids (Last Resort Cover)
13. Never Measure Up
14. The Future Is Mine
15. Just Look Around